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Recycled Flip-Flop Warthog


These amazing eco-friendly multi coloured creations from Africa carved from  recycled flip-flops. These gorgeous creatures are helping to clean beaches and preserve the beauty and wonder of the natural world while providing employment opportunities to this inspired community half a world away

Dimensions : 14cm x 21cm
Colours will vary from picture as all animals are made from recycled materials

Made mainly from sustainable or recycled materials This product conforms with fair trade practice Manufacturer maximises use of environmentally friendly practices Handmade

Ocean Sole Flip Flop Recycling

A staggering 3 billion people on planet earth wear flip flops as their primary form of shoe as they are so affordable.

Flip Flops ( thongs in Australia ) are made from a combination of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate and other plastics and they do not biodegrade. They do however photo-degrade, breaking up into smaller and smaller pieces to form part of the plastic soup plaguing our oceans.

The story of Ocean Sole began when marine biologist Julie Church looked for a solution to the flip-flop pollution on Kiwayu Beach in Kenya in the 90's. Since then, Ocean Sole has gone through a journey and now the EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) flip-flops are collected from the ocean beaches and turned into pieces of art. This process has not only cleaned up flip-flop pollution from the ocean, but it has also created jobs for locals.

Ocean Sole Australia



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