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Wednesday, November 26 2014

Eco Christmas Gift Ideas

 Ecofriendly Christmas Angels

Christmas is the perfect time to try to be a bit kinder to the planet and to people who live in parts of the world where life is a constant battle. Here are some ideas for a greener and kinder Christmas.
Reuse and recycle: Look at things creatively many items can be used for other purposes or reused. Cut up last year’s Christmas cards to make gift tags After Christmas, many stores have cards recycling stations, keep an eye out for them. Instead of sending Christmas cards, send e-cards, save on paper and the money saved can be donated to a charity.
Avoid commercially produced gift wrapping paper So much paper, and therefore trees and energy, is wasted every year just to end up thrown in the bin. Use ecofriendly recycled paper and decorate it. Get the kids to help it is great for an afternoons fun. 
Plan Christmas. That way you will void impulse buying those last minute gifts which are often discarded after a few days.
Ethical Gift Ideas. A soft toy like the ones in the Pebble collection helps provide families in Sri Lanka with a dignified income. Fair Trade Kenana Knitters puppets will provide hours of fun , not only are these delightful toys ecofriendly they are superbly hand made. Bags and wallets made of recycled materials are a great ethical gift idea they not only look terrific but are durable enough to be used for many years. Stunning Telephone wire bowls will be sure to impress even the fussiest of friends. These unique gifts are both handmade and Fair Trade
Buy Local Christmas is the perfect time of the year to discover your local farmers market if you haven’t already. The produce is fresh, there is more variety and it is usually produced locally. Besides saving on fuel miles you will also be supporting your local economy
Cook In Advance Christmas puddings, jams and sauces all make lovely gifts. The internet has a great selection of recipe ideas. Avoid buying commercially produced food if you have the time you can make a great deal of the food yourself.You will not only have some very tasty gifts for friends and family you will save money, save on the fuel it would normally take to transport the produce to the supermarket and have healthier chemical free Christmas treats.

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