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Sunday, February 09 2014
Fair-Trade Toys
There is an enormous range to chose from when it comes to finding a toy to buy for a child but when it comes to choosing good quality, safe and ethical toys for your children handmade toys are definitely the best.
Handmade toys are not only cleaner and safer for children but are usually more environmentally friendly because they are not produced in energy guzzling factories The sale of handmade and fair-trade toys  also often helps to support women and their children in less developed countries. Everybody wins!- children, the environment and the artisans who make the toys. Handmade toys may be a little dearer than mass-produced toys from China but they will last longer, will do no harm to children or the environment and can be passed on for generations.
The handmade and fair-trade toys that are now available are also some of the highest quality, the most beautiful and loveable of toys . They are  made superbly and filled with their own individual charm which only comes when each item is made with care, by hand and not mass-produced from toxic chemicals by exploited workers in a factory.
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