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Thursday, February 06 2014

Fair Trade

Fair trade is a system of exchange that seeks to create greater equity and partnership in international trading by ensuring safe working conditions and prompt, fair wages for workers

We all want do the right thing by others and supporting Fair-trade is probably something you have thought about but sometimes breaking habits and making changes is difficult Here are somereally easy ways to make small changes that make a big difference.

Buy fair trade coffee or tea- Most people drink quite a bit of one or the other. What if your daily hot beverage of choice was fair trade? This is probably the simplest way to support fair trade and you'll be impressed the quality and flavour of your new brew. There is no need to pay more for your daily caffeine hit as Fair-trade coffee now is available in supermarkets at very competitive prices

Buy one fair trade item every time you go to the Supermarket. This is now a lot easier than it used to be. Major chocolate manufacturers are starting to go fair trade with some of their range. When you make your list, just make a conscious effort to get at least on fair trade item - this is an easy habit to get into and as more people adopt it the difference it will make will be huge

Buy Fair trade gifts for birthdays, Christmas anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions. The people you are giving to will appreciate that your gift gives in more ways than one and the range available is just fantastic

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