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Wednesday, April 15 2015
Elephant Dung Paper Stationery
 Elephant Paper is 100% recycled, made from a mixture of Elephant Dung and post-consumer waste paper. This amazing recycled paper is made in Sri Lanka, a country where elephants and humans compete over scarce land resources resulting in injury on both sides.  The production of this paper directly contributes to the villager’s income and in that way helps to ensure the survival of the elephants.
Eco Friendly Gifts
To make this beautiful handmade paper, the dung is sun dried and then boiled in a pressurised boiler at 120° to kill any bacteria. Then it is mixed to form a pulp and dyed using salt dyes, before it is put into a mould and submerged in water. The paper is then dried naturally in the shade. No trees are cut down to make the paper and no chemicals or acids are used in its production.
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