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 Wire and Bead Work 


 Beadwork is one of the most appealing arts in Africa and is used to great effect with wonderful colours, designs and symbolism. Beadwork is now used in the decoration of new objects to produce an amazing range of quirky and contemporary products that draw on this tradition for inspiration

    African Beadwork

    Beaded fridge magnet

    African wire and bead animals
    Individual beads are threaded onto wire by hand to make these intricate and quirky items
    wire and beadwork animals- hippo

    Inticately hand beaded

    fair-trade bead animals

    Unique art pieces

    African products

    Hand beaded African dolls

     Fair-Trade Products-African Ndebele Dolls
    Beautifully handmade dolls made by women from the Ndebele tribe of Sth Africa
    African Beaded Dolls

    Made by the women of the Ndebele tribe

    Ndebele Dolls,
    Traditional bead-work skills in contemporary colours
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      Ethical Gifts has a great range of fair-trade-gifts, unique gifts and eco-friendly gifts, which you can buy safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for our world and for the people we share it with.


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