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Tuesday, 27 November 2012
We are at that time of the year and when choosing and buying gifts is high on our to do lists. I love giving something that I know is environmentally friendly or upcycled in some way or gives back to the person who makes it, a shared gift of sorts. In giving gifts like this though, you do  have to think a little bit beforehand. Here is a list of some of my favourite ecofriendly gifts.
A roomy and strong jute shopping bag. Not only does this bag look so much nicer than the unattractive bright green bags or the disposable plastic bags available from supermarkets. It will last for years and is totally earth friendly being made from jute a sustainable crop and when its finally worn out is fully biodegradable.
ecofriendly bags
A green gift idea for for him is this ecofriendly recycled wallet. Made from used motorcycled inner tubes these wallets look cool, are slim and fit easily into a pocket and are tough enough to survive the beach and even the accidental trip through the washing machine.
recycled ecofriendly wallets
An ecofriendly wooden ball tower is a great eco gift for a small child. The noise of the balls clattering down the colourful steps will amuse them for hours and this well made toy will be able to be passed on from child to child. It wont end up in landfill a month after Christmas. Not only is the toy environmentally friendly it is made under fair-trade conditions thereby providing dignified well paid employment to those who make these toys.
eco toys
Eco gifts for her can be difficult to find but this gorgeous recycled paper bead necklace is sure to please. The beads have all been individually handmade from the glossy pages of old magazines. Trash becomes something beautiful.
recycled necklace
The ultimate in recycled folk art are the recycled tin crafts from Madagascar. These products are all made from upcycled soft drink tins, oil cans or even recycled food containers.
The skill and creativity involved in the making of these recycled products is sure to impress as is the ingenuity displayed in these cute collector items.
recycled tin craft
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